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Who is the Hero in Paradise Lost by Milton?

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In the epic poem, “Paradise Lost,” who is the hero? This answer might be a bit more complicated than you think. This book is a work of Christian literature and is regarded as the classic epic poem in English. Despite its lofty origins, Paradise Lost still remains one of the most influential works in Western culture. Milton’s Paradise Lost is a great example of early English literature. It is a story written in blank verse and tells the story of Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven, his subsequent fall from grace, and all that follows. The main themes in Paradise Lost are the conflict between good and evil and the triumph of good over evil. Adam and Eve, as well as their offspring, represent all of humanity, which has inherited from them a propensity to disobey God’s commands. In this article we will analyse who is the hero in Paradise Lost. There are a lot of contradictions about hero or the protagonist of the Paradise Lost. We will discuss all main characters as a hero of poem.

What is the Purpose of a Hero in Paradise Lost?

A hero is someone who is celebrated for their achievements, and Milton’s Paradise Lost is no different. The epic poem tells the story of the fall of man, and the heroic efforts of Satan to battle God and take over heaven. While Satan is ultimately unsuccessful, his heroic qualities are on full display throughout the poem. So what is the purpose of a hero? In Milton’s Paradise Lost, a hero is someone who stands up against overwhelming odds and fighting for a cause they believe in, even if it means certain defeat. Read about: Elaborate Paradise Lost as an Epic Poem 

Satan as a hero in Paradise Lost

There are many interpretations of Milton’s Paradise Lost, and one of the most controversial is the idea that Satan is the true hero of the epic poem. While Milton portrays Satan as a fallen angel who is ultimately defeated, some readers see him as a heroic figure who stands up against an unjust God. Satan is certainly a complex character, and there are many reasons why some readers see him as a hero. For one, he is incredibly brave and defiant in the face of overwhelming odds. He leads a rebellion against God despite knowing that he will be defeated, and he does so purely out of principle. He also shows great compassion for his fellow fallen angels, and he works tirelessly to try and save them from their fate. While Satan may not be the traditional hero, he is undoubtedly a compelling and sympathetic character. It is easy to see why some readers identify with him and view him as a tragic figure who represents the best of what humanity can be. Many people consider Lucifer to be the hero, as he is the one who rebels against God and tries to take over Heaven. However, others believe that Satan is the true hero, as he is the one who actually succeeds in taking over Hell. He is also the one who tempts Adam and Eve into eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Lucifer is a complex character who is both good and evil. He is a symbol of rebellion and free will and his story is one of ambition and determination. In many ways, he is the most sympathetic character in the poem.

Adam as a hero in Paradise Lost

There are many different interpretations of who the hero is in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Some say it is Satan, some say it is God, and others say it is Adam. I believe that Adam can be the true hero of the poem. First of all, Adam is the one who suffers the most in the poem. He loses his home, his wife, and his freedom. He bears all of this with dignity and courage. He also shows regret for his sin and takes responsibility for it. This is in contrast to Satan, who never shows any regret for his actions. Second, Adam shows great wisdom throughout the poem. He realizes that Satan is tempting Eve and tries to stop her from eating the fruit. He also realizes that he has been tricked by Satan and decides to confront him. This wisdom is in contrast to Eve’s and Satan’s deception. Third, Adam shows great love for Eve. Even after she has betrayed him, he still loves her and forgives her. This is in contrast to Satan, who only loves himself and only cares about his own desires. Adam shows great humility. He recognizes that he is not perfect and that he has made a mistake.

Christ(Michael) as a hero in Paradise Lost

Some say that it is Satan, while others argue that Michael can be hero. I believe that Michael can be a true hero of the story. Michael is the one who stands up to Satan and fights for what are right. He does not give in to Satan’s temptations and instead remains loyal to God. He is also the one who ultimately defeats Satan and banishes him from Heaven. While Satan may be an interesting character, he is not someone to be admired. He is selfish and power-hungry, and he ultimately brings about his own downfall. Michael, on the other hand, is selfless and heroic. He puts others before himself and remains true to his convictions. For these reasons, I believe that Michael is the true hero of Paradise lost. Milton’s Paradise Lost is a story about the fall of man, and the battle between good and evil. The hero of the story is Michael, who represents the forces of good. He is opposed by Satan, who represents the forces of evil. Michael is a powerful angel who fought against Satan and his rebel angels in order to protect God’s paradise. He is brave and noble, and he ultimately triumphs over Satan. Milton makes it clear that Michael is the true hero of the story, and that he is the one who deserves our admiration and respect.

Milton as a hero in Paradise Lost

Milton, the author of Paradise Lost, is often considered the hero of his own epic poem. In Paradise Lost, Milton tells the story of the Fall of Man, and his own role in it. Milton himself is a complex character, and readers can see different aspects of him throughout the poem. Some see him as a tragic hero, while others see him as a villain. However, there are also those who see Milton as the true hero of Paradise Lost. Those who see Milton as the hero often point to his courage and determination in standing up for what he believes in. Throughout the poem, Milton shows himself to be a brave and principled man. He is willing to stand up against evil, even when it means going against God himself. This courage is one of the defining characteristics of a hero, and it is something that Milton has in spades. In addition, many people who see Milton as the hero also point to his intelligence and his ability to reason. Milton is able to think deeply about complex issues, and he is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. He is always looking for new ways to understand the world around him, and he is not afraid to share his ideas with others. This intellectual curiosity is Milton’s Paradise Lost has been praised for its complex and nuanced portrait of Satan. Some have even gone so far as to call Milton himself the hero of the poem. In this view, Milton is the real protagonist, while Satan is merely a foil. This interpretation is certainly intriguing, and it’s certainly possible that Milton saw himself as the hero of his own epic poem. After all, he was a famously self-righteous man, and he no doubt saw himself as a heroic figure fighting against the forces of evil. However, there are also good reasons to think that Milton did not see himself as the hero of Paradise Lost. For one thing, the poem is explicitly about the fall of man, not the triumph of Milton over Satan. Moreover, Milton was a deeply religious man, and it is hard to imagine him identifying with a character like Satan, who is clearly portrayed as an evil figure. In the end, it is probably best to view Milton as a complex and multi-faceted figure, and to interpret Paradise Lost in light of both its religious and its literary merits. Viewing Milton as the hero of the poem does not necessarily mean that we have to discount its religious message.


After reading and analyzing Milton’s Paradise Lost, it is safe to say that there is no true hero in the epic poem. Milton presents many admirable characters including God, Jesus, Adam, and Eve; however, each character also possesses flaws. This makes it difficult to label any one character as the “hero” of the story. In addition, the definition of a hero is relative and subjective. What one person may deem as heroic qualities, another person may not. Therefore, it is up to the reader to decide who they believe is the hero in Paradise Lost. Thoughts, feedback and suggestions? Share in the comment section Get GPL WordPress Themes, Plugins and PHP scripts from GPL Palace For free Udemy courses visit: Free Udemy Courses
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