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Themes in Kafka’s story The Judgment

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The Judgment is a short story written by Franz Kafka . The story is concerning the relationship between a father and a son. Georg Bendemann is the son and he’s very much caring and delicate. He can also be additional ordinary obedient. His father is outwardly weak however has a powerful affect over George. He mocks over the existence and identification of George’s friend who lives in Russia. He additionally mocks on his upcoming marriage. The father sentence him to death by drowning . And as a substitute of rebelling towards his father George considers his punishment right and he rushes to nearby bridge and commits suicide.

The themes of  the story embody lack of communication, Relationship between father and son, personal failure, and suicide.

  • Theme of lack of communication:

Theme of lack of communication is quite common in modern literature. It is lack of ability of human beings to speak with one another. In the story we see that George and his father hardly communicate with one another on their every day life and routine they principally discuss in workplace and at home they very not often talk with one another. They solely have a chat on business and a few essential points. George can hardly communicate in front of his father. Therefore, when his father sentence him to death he don’t discuss to his father about causes, he simply do as he commands.

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  • Theme of isolation:

It can also be an essential theme of modern literature. We can even see the theme of isolation right here within the story. George is an isolated character. Therefore, he writes letter to a friend living in Russia to overcome the sensation of isolation. But his father reveals that he additionally wrote letters to that friend and the friend prefers the letters of father over George’s. So, George stays isolated.

  • Difficulty of father-son relationship:

Difficulty of father son relationship is an instance of Oedipus complex where a baby is attracted in the direction of the parent of opposite  gender and competes with the parent of similar gender. In this story we come to know that George and his father have a complex relationship. When George goes into his father’s room the narrator reveals that he’s going there after a number of months which exhibits that he and his father should not have a correct relationship. They don’t have a correct family life. Though they live collectively however they’re very a lot apart from one another. Son is further ordinary  obedient and the father takes benefit of this and sentence him to death.

  • Theme of personal failure:

We can even discover the theme of personal failure within the story. It is the personal failure of George that he’s unable to speak each along with his father and his friend. And additionally it is George’s personal failure that he’s unable to protest in entrance of his father towards his execution.

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  • Theme of suicide:

Theme suicide can also be an essential theme of modern literature. When a person is unable to manage up with the scenario he commits suicide. However, the theme of suicide is one way or the other complex on this story. Because though it’s true that George commits suicide  however he have accomplished so to be able to fulfill his father’s  order. He was very desperate due to his father’s allegations towards him. Therefore, he hurriedly accomplished his father’s order. An individual commits suicide when he’s isolated and George writes letters to his friend to overcome this isolation however when his father reveals that his friend pays no consideration to his letters and that he additionally writes letter  to him George feels alone and commits suicide.


To conclude we are able to say that Kafka has introduced some essential themes of modern literature by means of his story The Judgment. He is likely one of the greatest writers of his age.

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