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The Myth of Narcissus in Greek Mythology

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Narcissus was one of many, many tragic figures of Greek mythology. Narcissus, the person who fell in love together with his personal reflection. He had the seems to be of a Greek god, but additionally the vainness of one, and ultimately, he grew to become the ultimate victim of unrequited love.

The story of Narcissus dates back to ancient Greece. It was stated that this young man was the son of a nymph named Liriope, and the river deity and personification of the river, Cephissus. Narcissus was raised in Boeotia and grew into a particularly good-looking youth. However, he discovered nobody he thought was as enticing as he was; he left a string of broken-hearted girls in all places he went.

A seer, Tiresias, as soon as warned Narcissus’ mother that the young man would live a protracted life, so long as he never got to know himself. The meaning of this was unclear till at some point Narcissus noticed his own reflection within the water. He had lastly discovered somebody he discovered actually enticing himself.

He tried to kiss the image, however solely created a ripple within the water that hid the reflection. Obsessed together with his love for his own image, however never capable of touch it, he wasted away and finally died of starvation and thirst. At that spot, a flower bloomed which is now generally known as the narcissus plant, or the daffodil.

In the Greek world, pride and self-obsession detracted from piety and admiration of the gods. Greek mythology is replete with characters whose lack of piety is met with merciless fates, and Narcissus isn’t any exception.

In Ovid’s model, Narcissus is pursued by the nymph Echo. Echo can solely repeat phrases which are said to her. When Narcissus encounters Echo within the woods, he cruelly spurns her affection. The poor nymph dies of heartbreak, leaving solely her voice behind. So, once you hear an echo, it’s really the voice of Echo herself, repeating your own phrases back to you. In Ovid’s model, it’s solely after this change that Narcissus finds his reflection in a pool or spring within the woods, falls in love with it, and wastes away.

In the modern world, we associate the story of Narcissus with the character dysfunction of extreme self-obsession and self-admiration, named narcissism after this tragic figure.

Detailed Myth of Echo and Narcissus

One day, Echo came across Narcissus within the forest. She instantly fell in love with him! With her curse, she may never inform Narcissus that she cherished him and will solely repeat his words back to him. Narcissus didn’t perceive this, and he told her to go away! Echo was devastated.

Soon after, Narcissus was within the woods and stopped to take a drink in a pond. The water was so still that he could see his reflection for the first time. But Narcissus didn’t notice he was taking a look at himself. He fell in love with probably the most stunning creature he had ever seen. It was real love… with himself!

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Soon, Narcissus spent all of his time watching his own reflection. Days glided by with out him eating or sleeping, and shortly he died. Some tales say that he starved to death, some say that he killed himself, and others say that he drowned. But regardless of the way it truly occurred, Narcissus was no more.

After he died, the nymphs searched for his body. They searched in all places however discovered nothing. All they noticed was a good looking white flower that had grown where he once sat. This flower is now generally known as a narcissus.

Echo went on being unhappy and finally died herself. All that was left of her was her voice that might be heard everywhere in the mountains. That is where we get the word ‘echo!’

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