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How to Answer: “Tell Me About Yourself” – Interview Skills

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You submitted the resume and you waited and you waited patiently and finally, you got that phone call, and now you got the interview. You’re sitting across the table and the hiring manager smiles and asks you the question, Tell Me About Yourself. And you don’t know what to do. You don’t know what to say. You start to stutter. And halfway through the conversation you say to yourself,

“Ugh! I blew it! Why did I even say that?!”

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Usually that hiring manager makes up his or her mind in the first three minutes during the interview. So how would you make a good impressing in an interview?

Let’s discuss the best response to this question, this answer is based on different points which will be discussed in the later section of this article:

When Hiring Manager is asking you the question, “Tell Me About Yourself”

They are not actually asking about your whole life story. They’re not asking about your parents or about any struggle about how you achieved this interview.

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So, what they’re actually asking is what are you bringing to the table. And next time when you hear this question, “Tell Me About Yourself”, that equals what value could you bring to the company/institution? What problems can you solve for the company/institution?

Be yourself, but you must be your best self.

Let’s say someone is hiring and you’re applying for a social media manager position. And the hiring manager is asking you, “well, so tell me about yourself.”

A typical response, someone might say, “well, you know, I um, I-I-I grew up with social media and, um, I’ve used social media for a long long time my whole life actually. So I’m very familiar with it. And just about three years ago, I thought to myself well, maybe I could actually make a living doing this. So I started playing around with it, and, um, take on a couple clients here and there and I’ve worked with a couple people, uh, and then, now, you know…”

Now, there’s a simple script which can be used to answer this question like;

“I have been…”.

“My background is …”.

Let’s take it for the above post of social media manager, you would answer this by first showing your success like;

I have been doing social media for the last three years and I specialize in helping companies and entrepreneurs growing their Facebook fan page. And in the last three years alone I have helped dozens of clients in over ten different industries. And on average I’ve been able to help my clients to really increase their engagement and grow their fan page by three to five hundred percent in less than six months.

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  • Next you would show your strength:

My real strength is my ability to truly understand what your audience wants. I pride myself on my reputation to creating engaging and compelling content that I know your audience loves and wants to share.

Now the question is how would you relate all this with the current company you’re applying for, the answer would be like this;

What I’m looking for is a company that I could add value to, that I could produce a positive return on investment for. Where I could join a strong team.

In a nutshell, you have to create and memorize your own script for this answer and make some changes with the change of every position you’re applying for.

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