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How Do We Find Social Criticism in “A Doll’s House”?

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Ibsen’s modernist play “A Doll’s House” is a play of social criticism within the sense that it has criticized the conventional marriage, man-woman relationship and the domination of the female by the male within the name of affection or family. It has thrown numerous questions on the face of the so-called values that have been conventionally alleged to make the family comfortable and the society civilized.

Ibsen has taken up the issue of marriage as a problem for this play; and he has uncovered numerous issues contained in the masks of the outwardly good relationship between a husband and wife. Until, a woman tries to be free for deciding her preferences and following her personal conscience, till she dares to be frank about her emotions, until a wife questions her loving husband why he offers her no respect, until she finds out that his love is just a type of possessing and exploiting her, and till she is disillusioned about how the ‘shelter’ of her husband can deprive her of all the options of realizing her goals for being somebody within the society, till that moment, Nora, like many other women of her time, lives within the snug illusion of affection from her husband. But this husband seems to be a hypocrite and an egotist, a person who would not apologize even when he’s made to understand how a lot injustice he has had been to her. When a disaster comes, he is ready to discard his wife as a no one; he is ready to scold her in an unimaginable way and neglect all her lifelong love and sacrifice.

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She is his doll, his petty possession, his materials means of luxury, not even a friend or associate for life. He offers her no dignity. The woman finds out that he has been in love with his own picture, and for the enjoyable of enjoying together with her. She brought up the children, however he thinks that they’re his property. She had saved him from death, and he has no tradition of saying ‘thanks’; he feels that it’s shameful to be saved by a mere wife!

This exposure of a person’s habits and perspective in direction of his life-mate, his treatment and exploitation of whom a civilized world calls a ‘soul-mate’ shouldn’t be solely the exposure of a specific man’s emptiness of heart and thoughts and tradition. It is the exposure of the emptiness and poverty within the hearts of the society’s collective habits which we name it ‘tradition’, within the impartial sense of the term. The occasions of the drama are more life like.

One of the the reason why “A Doll’s House” was usually banned was because it was bluntly criticizing the real society of the time, and never because it was immoral or vulgar. No doubt, it criticized the dearth of justice and humanity within the treatment of women like Laura Kieler through the late nineteenth century. The drama can also be very related to the scenario of women in lots of, many components of the world even in the present day within the 21st century.

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