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Adrienne Rich’s poetry weaves a cultural and emotional tapestry that’s daring, typically uneven, however all the time revolutionary and profoundly unique and highly effective. Certain strands persist throughout—a dedication to lucidity, genuine communication, neighborhood and social change; different threads–revolutionary anger, political activism are additionally major considerations of Adrienne Rich. In Rich’s poetry reader is on a regular basis with a woman who’s delicate, romantic, simple to be influenced on the one hand however alternatively this girl is daring sufficient to criticize and discard the male defined tradition and civilization.

She is a poetess who feels with woman and turns into the voice of most disadvantaged section of the society. Her “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” is externalization of a woman who’s below the male dominant social set up. Her “Final Notations” presents the boldness of woman in her potential and love. “Gabriel” is an expression of religionist thoughts, and robust faith in God, is hallmark of this poem. Here Rich has shifted from explicit to basic and tendencies of twentieth century that are filled with social injustices and modern commercialism are a supply of tragic emotions of angel and of poetess. “Diving into The Wreck” is an epic of recent times and it gives woman new horizons within the sky of relations. So within the assortment of poems described in the syllabus particularly and in her poetry generally Adrienne Rich is a superb champion of woman rights.

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Adrienne Rich’s poetry offers a chronicle of the evolving consciousness of the modern woman. Composed in a period of speedy and dramatic social change, her work explores the experience of ladies who reject patriarchal definitions of femininity by separating themselves from the political and social actuality that trivializes and subordinates females. She herself defines a patriarchal society is one in:

“Which males are dominant and determine what part females shall and shall not play, and in which capabilities assigned to women are relegated generally to the mystic and aesthetic and excluded from the practical and political realms “.

As a feminist poet Rich insists on the significance of the “imaginative identification with all ladies” and commits herself to the recreation of a female community that’s dedicated to a nurturing ethos and a reverence of life.

At the award ceremony of her well-known e book “Diving Into the Wreck” she devoted the event to the group of women that transcends race and sophistication;

“The poet, the housewife, the lesbian, the mathematician, the mother, the dishwasher, the pregnant teenager, the teacher, the grandmother, the prostitute, the philosopher, the waitress…  “

This group of women, Rich hopes, won’t solely resist the damaging and crippling results of patriarchy however may even create a tradition through which ladies have equal financial, social, and political rights with males. Rich has given a brand new concept of woman state, which is rarely ever a utopian supreme. She doesn’t solely desires for it fairly she can be one of many exponents of her thought. In her poetry she has not completely discarded male members of the society however her attraction in the direction of them is marred by their very own perspective which is callous and scientific. In “The Final Notations” apparently beloved is daring enough that she will stay even with out her lover, however underlying tone of poignant emotions reveals herself a reasonably hopeful woman from her love.

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Rich in her poetry has given an excessive amount of individualism to the woman of modern age. Her major concern is that girl of modern age should be considered because the efficient, dynamic and useful part of the society. Aunt in “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” is a superb artist. Her artwork of weaving is matchless. Aunt is representing the entire group of women. She is repressed bodily below the burden of “Uncle’s Wedding’s Band” however she is free in her thoughts and soul that’s the reason she is fearful however her creation ‘tigers’ should not afraid of males. This freedom of thoughts and soul, which is among the fundamental rights of each particular person are denied to woman below the male defined tradition. Rich is a crusader in opposition to pre-set requirements of female and male relations and dives deep into the wreck of relations and brings on the floor a brand new but free relationship between female and female “I am he, I am she” is the final word message of Rich’s struggle. 


Rich’s imaginative and prescient of an ideal peaceable society for woman may be very engaging and supreme one. Her heroine is all the time a perfection of emotions incarnate however a mature and assured woman. Her heroine celebrates the traditional mysteries of blood and birth, however not will she be outlined solely by her reproductive capabilities; her understanding and experience of life will give her a imaginative and prescient as efficient and as commanding as historical past has recognized;

“As a city is occupied, as a bed is occupied

It will take all your flesh, it will not be simple”.

Future superwoman can be in charge of her physique, her erotic and artistic energies, and she is going to have a good time life, not loss of life. No longer will she be a decorative servant however autonomous, self-directing, and free from the patriarchal edict that anatomy is future. This new woman is not going to spring from the head of Zeus or from Adam’s rib; she should move by way of the hazards of this life: she should survive and transcend a tradition that may wound and kill her. Her power and commanding energy will rely upon her capability efficiently to cross by way of or turn away from patriarchal domination.

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