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Comparison Between Garcia Marquez and Jorge Luis Borges

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Jeorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

Jeroge Luis Borges professor of Latin- American and comperative literature in Yale university was born August 24, 1899, Buenos Aries Argentine . He was poet, translator, essayist and short story author whose work turn into classics of 20th century world literature. His main work embody A universal History Infamy, Ficciones, Obra Poetica, In praise of darkness in 1977. He was influenced by Edger Allan Poe and Franz Kafka . His works include the theme of foreigner, order and disorder and circular time. Stylistically he makes use of totally different strategies like magical realism and use totally different symbols like mirror, knives, rose, rivers and one of the crucial image library one can discover this image in most of his work . French Author Andre Maurois wrote about Borges “Argentine by birth and temperament but nurtured on universal literature”.

Themes Used by Borges:

There are main themes that one can discover in most of his poems. These theme are given below:

Infinite Regression :

The futility of any attempt to order the universe seen in “Funes the Memorious” and in “circular time” can also be found in “The library of babel” where in accordance with Alazraki ‘’ Borges presents the world as a library of chaotic books which its librarian can not learn however which they interpret incessantly’’. The library was one in all Borges favorite picture usually repeated in his fiction reflecting the time he spent working as a librarian himself. In one other work Borges makes use of the identical picture of a chess board to elaborate the identical theme. In his poem “chess” he speaks of the king , bishop and queen who “search out and start their armed campaign”. But simply because the dreamer dreams a person and causes him to behave in a certain means , the campaign is definitely being deliberate by another person. “They have no idea it’s the player’s hand” the poem continues . In the final stanza of the poem Borges makes use of the identical images to suggest infinite regression “God moves the player, he in turn the piece. But what god beyond god begins the spherical of dust and time and sleep and agonies.

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Circular Time :

This theme could be present in a few of his tales like “The Immortal”, “Uqbar’’ Three version of “Judas’’ “The Garden of Forking Paths“. The major theme of this story is time. Yu Tsun describes the time in a linear method. Human experience time as a collection of present moments, one following the opposite. Yu Tsun ancestor didn’t believe in a uniform, absolute time. He believes in an infinite collection of time in a growing dizzying web of divergent, convergent and parallel times. Time is just not a line however somewhat is a web or community of possibilities .

Stylistic Features :

Borges writing style has usually been known as intellectual and dense with allusion. He was great admirer of detective style and of its main writers Edger Allan Poe to Arthur Conan and Graham Greene. For him a detective story required a complex plot, a small variety of characterization and satisfying resolution . “The Garden of the Forking Paths” is the most effective instance of this style with  these  given  attributes. He makes use of totally different images and symbols like mirror and library and he additionally makes use of adjectives in his work. He makes use of literary method Magical realism .

Magical realism :

Magical realism is a method of fiction and literary style that points a sensible view of contemporary world whereas additionally including magical element. He uses this literary method in his short stories like “Uqbar” and “Obrius Tertius’’.

Mirror and Labyrinth :

He often used  these two symbols in his short stories. He used mirror as a symbol in his short story “Orbis Tertius”. This is a perfect symbol for treating the theme of identity as a result of mirrors produce copies of those objects which thy mirror . He makes use of the image of labyrinth in several stories as an example “The Garden of the Forking Paths”. He makes use of labyrinth as a symbol in it to resolve mystery and complication. The detective story is the counter part of the library.   

Use of Adjective :

In his short story “Funes the Memory”, The horse itself is described as “blue- gray”. The name Funes, a word is strongly suggestive of certain Spanish phrases variously meaning ill-fated and dark .

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marques was born in Colombia in march 1927. He was a Colombia novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and journalist. His notable work wherein include “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “The Autumn of Patriarch”, Love in the Times of Cholera”. His major themes are fantasy vs reality, man and girls relationship, family, faith, love war and injustice and stylistically he was well-known for literary method magical realism. 

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Themes Used by Marquez:

There are two themes that one can discover in most of Marques works the primary is “solitude” and the second is the war and violence which are given under in detail .

Solitude :

The theme of solitude runs by way of much of Marquez’s works. In one of his work “Love in the Times of Cholera” like the entire Marques novels discover the solitude of individual and mankind portrays by way of the solitude of affection and of being loved. 

Violence and War :

In a number of of Garcia Marques’s work together with “No one writes to the colonel”, “Evil Hour and leaf storm he references the violence” A brutal civil war between conservative and liberals that lasted into the 1960 inflicting the demise of hundred thousand of Colombians”. Evil hour is likely one of the most well-known novel that’s notable for its portrayal of the violence. He does portray injustice of time. He refuses to make use of his work as a platform for political agenda. For him, the responsibility of revolutionary author is to write down effectively .

Stylistic features :

He was well-known for magical realism and he used inter-textualities.

Magical realism :

One of the styles that Marques does use repeatedly that’s magical realism . Magical realism could be seen in his story “The Handsomest Drowned Man” and his most well-known novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by which “There is a child born with pig’s tail”.

Inter-textualities :

Intertextuality is a literary technique by which a writer makes use of references back to different work of fiction or historic event. Author use inter-textuality to provide a skeleton for an event or character to clear it up for the reader. He makes use of this method in his novel “Autumn of the Patriarch”. He makes use of three character for reference.

Comparison of Garcia Marques’s story ‘’A very old man with enormous wings with Borges’s story ‘’ The Book of Sand’’

  • Gabriel Marques story “A very Old Man with Enormous Wings” where Mrs. Elisenda and her husband discover the old man with enormous wings. Their neighbors identifies the person as an angel however the native priest doubts that whether or not he’s an angel or an evil track.
  • While however “The Book of Sand” by Borges, tells the story of a person who is obsessive about books. An odd Bible salesman offers him an uncommon “Holy Book” and likewise clarify him the worth of the book and mystery  revolves it.
  • Both stories include some widespread themes like amalgamation of natural and supernatural components illusion vs reality, infinity and obsession flow all through both stories.
  • Both writers have used the technique of magical realism.

Conclusion :

Both writers are outstanding figure of 20th century. Their works offer with the fictional world by which they experience human reaction towards the realities of imaginative world.

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