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Analysis of the Poem “Anniversary” by Daud Kamal

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Daud Kamal writes about a wife’s lament on her 5th anniversary with her husband. This article would be a critical analysis of the poem “Anniversary” by Daud Kamal. The goal of this critical analysis will be to examine the poem and look at it from the perspective of, content, style, and symbolism. Daud Kamal was a well-known poet who wrote about the love, beauty and transience of the world. He wrote his poems in English.

Title of the Poem

Anniversary” by Daud Kamal is a beautiful poem that celebrates the anniversary of a couple’s love. The poem is full of imagery and symbolism, and Kamal does an excellent job of conveying the deep love and connection that the couple shares. This is a moving and powerful poem that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced true love.

Narrator and Point of View

The poem “Anniversary” by Daud Kamal is written in first person point of view. The narrator is talking about his or her anniversary with a loved one. The poem is very short, but it is full of emotion. The narrator is clearly in love with the person they are with, and they are excited about spending another year together. The poem is also full of hope for the future, and the narrator is looking forward to many more years together.

Tone and Mood

The tone of the poem is sad and reflective, while the mood is one of nostalgia and longing. The poem looks back on a past relationship with fondness and sadness, and the speaker seems to be regretful about what could have been. There is a sense of loss and melancholy throughout the poem, as the speaker remembers all the happy moments they shared together.

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Symbols and Imagery

In the poem “Anniversary” by Daud Kamal, symbols and imagery are used to convey the speaker’s feelings of love and loss. The speaker recalls the anniversary of a loved one’s death, and how the day is marked by both sadness and happiness. The happy memories of the past are symbolized by the sun, while the sorrow of the present is symbolized by the rain. The image of the sun shining through the raindrops is particularly effective in conveying the speaker’s mixed emotions.

Daud Kamal’s poem “Anniversary” is rich in symbols and imagery. The poem tells the story of a man whose wife has died, and he is left to celebrate their anniversary alone. The symbols and imagery in the poem help to convey the man’s feelings of loss and loneliness.

Wedding ring

The first symbol in the poem is the narrator’s wedding ring. The ring is a symbol of the narrator’s love for his wife. It is also a symbol of the commitment that the couple made to each other. The ring is a reminder of all that the narrator has lost.


The second symbol in the poem is the cake that the narrator has made to celebrate the anniversary. The cake is a symbol of the happy times that the couple shared together. It is also a reminder of all the memories that the narrator has of his wife.


The third symbol in the poem is the bottle of wine that the narrator opens to toast his wife. The wine is a symbol of the love that the couple shared. It is also a reminder of all the good times that they had together.


The fourth symbol in the poem is the chair that the narrator sits in while he drinks his wine. The chair is a symbol of loneliness which shows that narrator is alone and spending his anniversary without her wife. 

Literary Devices


In the poem “Anniversary” by Daud Kamal, there are several literary devices at work. The first is personification, in which Kamal gives human qualities to non-human things. For example, he writes that

the earth knows our anniversary.”

This is a way of making the natural world seem more relatable, and also creates a sense of wonder.


Another literary device at work in the poem is metaphor. Kamal uses this to create powerful images and to make comparisons between unlike things. For instance, he compares love to

a river of light.”

 This is a beautiful image that helps us to understand the power and magnitude of love.


Kamal also uses similes throughout the poem. A simile is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things, using the words “like” or “as.” In the poem, Kamal compares love to “a rose that never fades” and “a star that burns forever.” These comparisons help us to see love in a new light and to understand its endurance.

Overall, Kamal’s use of literary devices helps to create a vivid and moving picture of love. Through his creative language, we are able to see love.


Theme of loss

The poem explores the theme of loss, and how even though our loved ones may be gone, they still remain with us in spirit. This idea is captured in the lines

“Though you are gone, you are still with me / In every laugh I hear, in every dream.”

Theme of hope

Kamal also touches on the theme of hope, and how our memories of those we’ve lost can give us comfort and strength. The poem ends on a note of hope, with the speaker saying

            “I know we’ll meet again.”

Critical Analysis of poem

Daud Kamal’s poem “Anniversary” is a moving and personal exploration of love, loss, and grief. The poem is written in memory of Kamal’s wife, who died tragically in a car accident. Kamal uses the anniversary of her death as a way to reflect on his own life and relationship with his wife. The poem is both sad and beautiful, and it gives readers a glimpse into the mind of a grieving husband. Kamal’s use of language is masterful, and his words paint a vivid picture of love, pain, and hope.

Daud Kamal’s poem “Anniversary” is a moving and powerful reflection on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. The poem is narrated by a speaker who is reflecting on the loss of a loved one, and how that loss has affected their life. The speaker reflects on the happy memories they shared with the person they lost, and how those memories have now been tainted by sadness and grief. The speaker also reflects on how their relationship with the person they lost has changed since their death, and how they now have to cope with the pain of their loss.

The poem is a touching tribute to a lost loved one, and it is clear that Kamal has captures the complex emotions that come with grieving. The poem is also a reminder that even though our loved ones are gone, they still have a place in our hearts.


Daud Kamal’s poem “Anniversary” is a touching and poignant exploration of loss and grief. Through the speaker’s reflections on a past anniversary of his wife’s death, Kamal expertly captures the intense emotions that come with remembering a loved one who has died. The poem is both sad and beautiful, and it is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one.

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